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What broker do I use, what type of account, in what timeframe should I operate, what indicators should I use, what is the best time to operate, should I avoid or take advantage of the publication of news, which markets are easier compared to others … ? Any questions you have, we are here to help you. We’ll tell you what you have to do, but also what you don’t have to do.

For your trading to improve over time, you have two options. A slow and a fast one. But watch out for the quick one and now we will tell you why. If you choose the slow option, you have the advantage that it will not cost you money, little by little, you will learn how the markets behave. You will enter the cycle we call trial and error. Here you can spend a lot of time, it is likely even years. Yes, I have said years. Don’t expect to find something that works in a few months and get rich and if that’s how they told you, I’m afraid they cheated on you.

The other option is to learn faster, but this option would be paying. It consists of experts in financial markets helping you not to make the usual mistakes that any trader is starting. The disadvantage of this option is two. One, which will cost you money and the other is that if you do not choose the right training, it may have served only to lose your money.

Our team of traders, offers you a service by which, you can solve your doubts through a chat and thus skip much of the test and error that we commented at the beginning of this post. No one is born knowing things, and it is normal for those who have been trained to help you improve in your career as a trader.

You can ask us any questions you have about trading and financial markets. We have high experience and we will try to make our talk productive, to improve your trading and progress faster. Interpret our mentoring service, not as an expense, but as one that will make you skip a lot of trial and error, and that unless you are in demo, they will cost you money along the way.

Learn on your own or invest in training. You choose.

The price of our mentoring service is € 50 (60 minutes). Always with appointment.


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