Frequently Asked Questions

What financial markets do the trading signals correspond to?

We work with Forex and Commodities, but we focus on those markets with high volume, which is why most of our orders are in EURUSD, USDJPY, GOLD and WTI.

Where are alerts received?

Once the user has acquired an alert via paypal, our signal team will contact you via e-mail, to inform you that we have added you to our private telegram channel, where you will receive the signal.

How long will it take from when I buy the signal until I receive it to enter the market?

Offering a transparent service is our best strength. It means that several days can pass without receiving an alert. Our trading system only serves those most favorable opportunities. “Quality, not quantity.” If at any time, after several days without receiving our alert to enter the market, you just have to request it via e-mail, and we will proceed to remove you from our private telegram channel and return your money.

Will trading signals be received in a certain time slot?

No. Alerts can be received at any time of the day.

So, do I have to keep an eye on the mobile permanently in case I receive the signal?

No. Our alert system has a prior notice. That is, if we consider that the market is being favorable for a possible market entry, you will receive a notice through the telegram channel, type: “A signal trading is coming …”. At this time, if you should be more aware of your mobile phone, since from the previous notice, you can receive the real signal, at any time. The next 12 hours approximately, you will receive market entry. If our team considers that the prior notice does not become a real entry, you will be notified, so you can not be so aware of the phone again.

What are the details of the trading signal?

We will communicate 4 data: 1. Market, 2. BUY / SELL, 3. Take Profit, 4. Stop Loss

How far do we put the STOP LOSS and the TAKE PROFIT?

The Stop Loss will be placed at a distance of 40 pips from the price at the time of receiving the trading signal via private telegram channel, and the Take Profit will be placed at 70 pips.
In case our trading signal does not reach 70 pips and our system indicates that the operation must be closed (for example in +50 pips), we will notify the user. In this case, even if you have won 50 pips, we will refund the money from the trading signal, because we have not reached the 70 pips agreed on the signal.

The trading signal has not met according to the conditions. When will I receive my money back?

In less than 12 hours, our sales team will proceed with the refund of the full amount via PayPal.

How do I calculate the distance of the take profit and the stop loss?. In pips, ticks or points?

Each broker has its own way of showing its prices, it is therefore important that you correctly interpret our TP and SL. In Forex and WTI we talk about Pips, and in Gold, about Ticks.

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✔️ If we do not meet the criteria of our trading signal, we will refund your money without questions.