Emotionless TradePanel™

The best way to control your emotions when you trade. A useful tool to not have to regret later...

We can help you with our trading signals service (no win no fee), but we cannot control your emotions or your money management.

Sometimes a series of consecutive losses, a very large loss, can cause us to lose control, and that is when we start overtrading, that is, to open operations without waiting for compliance with the conditions of our strategy and we end up doing operations well above our account. If we know that it is not the right time to open an operation because they have not yet met all the conditions, why do we act like this?

For the simple reason that when we feel bad about the previous loss, we seek to remove that discomfort as soon as possible, and that is why we launch ourselves into the market with the sole intention of recovering the previous loss and stop suffering. This reaction is normal in people. Society has educated us that if we do not like something, we must make decisions and act, and that is when we re-enter the market … and the only thing that happens again (most of the time) is not only that we have not recovered the previous loss, but we have increased the lost money …

Is your goal to make money every day, or is your goal to close the month positive? If you do not agree to have days with losses, it is likely that you are not correctly understanding how a professional trader operates.

If you are an impulsive, impatient person who has a hard time not losing control when bad times come by trading, EmotionLess TradePanel will help you manage the most important part of trading, emotions. Not even the best trading strategy in the world is of any use without control over our emotions. Remember this.

Here we are going to show you what are the advantages of using EmotionLess TradePanel, to protect your capital and do not end up losing it because of stress and anger:

Avoid getting the wrong direction BUY/SELL

Have you ever opened a trading operation, clicking on the buy button when what you wanted was to sell, or vice versa? Probably the answer is YES, and although we quickly realize the error, it is inevitable that we have to bear the cost of our error, through the spread or a commission for the opening of the operation. This small mistake can already have an impact on our control over emotions in the face of the next operation … We just lost some money in a very silly way.

With EmotionLess TradePanel this will not happen again. Since before opening an operation, our panel will ask you to confirm the operation with a question through a pop-up window. If you click on the “YES” button, the panel will open the trade.

Limitation on the number of orders

In addition to EmotionLess TradePanel, you can limit the number of simultaneous orders that you can open in a given market. Occasionally, when we have lost control of our emotions, we have opened more than one operation to try to recover from a loss. This is a mistake, and most likely it only serves to increase our losses. With our trading panel, you will decide how many will be the number of operations that you open simultaneously in a market. Our recommendation is to configure the panel, so that we cannot open more than one operation, but this is optional.

Panel with automatic corner adjustment

To prevent you from using Metatrader 4’s own buttons, once you install our expert advisor EmotionLess TradePanel, it will be automatically adjusted in the corner of your window, in order to make it difficult for you to open operations outside the parameters set within the trading panel. We have always thought about the best way to protect your capital against a moment of stress or impulsivity.

Risk level adjusted to your balance

EmotionLess TradePanel, will calculate the size of the following trade taking into account 3 factors: The capital available in your account, the adjustment on your level of risk (%), and the distance of your Stop Loss. Don’t worry about doing this calculation, since the panel does it for you. It does not matter if you have lost the previous trade, or feel stress or anger, since EmotionLess TradePanel will be protecting you, it will ensure that the next operation is in accordance with these parameters. Also, if you have limited the number of simultaneous operations, you will have total control over your emotions.

Difficulty modifying the parameters inside the panel

When making any type of change in the panel parameters, for example when modifying the number of consecutive entries, or changing the% of risk, EmotionLess TradePanel will ask you a battery of 5 consecutive questions, to make sure that what you are Doing is what you really want. What the panel achieves is that you are 100% sure of the modification of the parameters.

Know at all times the parameters that the robot has and the size of the next operation

(Nº. Allowed trades | Distance Stop Loss | Risk Level | Lot. Size)

“If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money”, -Warren Buffet.

With EmotionLess TradePanel™ you will never lose control of your trading again

You can now operate as a professional trader!
Emotionless TradePanel™ will work for 6 months in your MT4 Platform

49.90 € / 6 months


Emotionless TradePanel™ will work for 12 months in your MT4 Platform

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Emotionless TradePanel™ will work for FOREVER in your MT4 Platform

179.90 € UNLIMITED


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