Trading Forex Signals Team

know a little more about us

We are a group of traders that after many years dedicated to financial markets alone, we made the decision to unite our strengths and knowledge acquired to maximize its value. Now we put almost 30 years of experience in the financial markets at your service. After the evolution of trading with the arrival of the internet and new technologies, we have been seeing how hundreds of books and courses related to trading were appearing, where they almost always promise a dream life. Our philosophy is that we should only charge for our services if we value the customer. If not, we consider that it is best to return your money, hence the creation of a system of forex trading signals, never before offered on the internet.

We want to get away from all those scammers that are on the internet (which unfortunately are many) that promise you that if you buy their books or courses, very soon you can buy a luxury sports car.

We could write books, take paid courses and earn much more money than with all this. All this would become a passive content that once was within your reach, little effort would already be for us. We thought that the courses and books were much more useful 20 years ago, but now with the internet, we assure you that everything you can learn by paying, you can find it for free on the internet …

Is it necessary to learn in a book that it is a support or a resistance? Can you learn any strategy in less than 5 minutes? Well yes, if the conditions explain to you, in a moment you will know which is the trigger of that strategy. We do not want to do that kind of practice, for a matter of ethics.
We have not yet met anyone who, by taking a course or reading a trading book, already manages to live from trading. And you know someone?

We currently put 4 services at your disposal that we believe may have value for the user: mentoring, programming of expert advisors and indicators, emotionless tradepanel (a useful tool for controlling your money management) and our “no win” trading signals service no fee “

Message From CEO

“Slow down to move faster”

His strength is based on the technical analysis of financial markets. He believes that the fundamental analysis makes less and less sense in markets where prices change so quickly. With more than ten years he has adapted to markets, especially forex and commodities.

“There are many trading strategies to make money in the financial markets, but none of them will do any good without proper money management.”

Cheif Executive Officer